The History of Hope Township : Schools

The first school in Hope was organized in 1862 in a log building with Alfeta Green as their first teacher. By 1881 Hope Township had the following four schools with an attendance of 209 children:

No 1 was located in the village of Hope

Hope Village School
Hope Village Students

No 2 was called the Maxwell Settlement School and was located on the corner of Middle and Adams roads

Maxwell Settlement School
Maxwell Settlement School

No 3 was called the Clark Settlement School and was on the corner of Stark and Bombay roads

Clark Settlement Students
Clark Settlement Students

No 4 was called the Block School and was on Schearer Road and M-30.

blockStudents blockSchool

In 1959 the following schools consolidated to form the present Meridian School System: Sanford, Edenville, Hope, Averill, and the Maxwell School.