Hope Township Residents and Cemetery Visitors

    If at any time you visit the New or Old Hope Cemeteries and notice that the grass is in need of mowing, we have not neglected or forgotten to mow.  To minimize mowing expense to the township, we mow every 10 days during the months of May and June when the grass grows fast.  There will be times when at days 8-10 the grass will be tall enough to need mowing, but, it will be done rest assured.   The schedule may be altered slightly so that mowing will be done a day or two before Memorial Day, Fourth of July and Labor Day.  Later in July – September when the grass grows slower, we mow every 14-15 days or as necessary depending on weather conditions. 


    Questions or concerns in regard may be directed to me:  Floyd Andrick (Cemetery Committee Chairman) at 989-837-0870 or at hfandrick@aol.com