November 5, 2023 (Sunday 3:00 p.m.)

Hope Townhall


The next presentation by Floyd Andrick who previously gave “The History of Hope” and “Titanic” will be on the famous Dionne Quintuplets from Canada.   The five tiny identical  baby girls were born (long before fertility drugs) on May 28, 1934 to a young couple in their log cabin home.  The babies spent their first few days in a butchers basket on the oven door of the kitchen range and were fed with an eye dropper.  Amazingly, the quintuplets were the first set ever to survive  and created a world wide sensation.  The Canadian government realized they had a bonanza and took custody of the five babies when they were two months old.  A special hospital was built and the girls were exhibited to the public for several years until the parents finally regained custody in 1943.  It was estimated that the quintuplets amassed $500 million for the Canadian government.  The story was tragic for the girls and their family.  Today only two of the quintuplets survive and are 89 years of age.  Floyd has been a friend of the Dionne family since 1966 and shares the story as related to him by the parents of the quintuplets Oliva and Elzire Dionne.  


Refreshments will be served following the free presentation.  Please register with Floyd Andrick at:  hfandrick@aol.com or call 989-837-0870 so that we can plan for the refreshments.